About Us

EMA History

The EMA has been involved with the Exeter Music programs since 1977. During that time, we have provided assistance at many events and raised thousands of dollars used to support music education in our district.

Here are just a few ways that the EMA has been able to help support the music department over the years: 

  • Music in the Park, the Hershey Park competition for Jr. High Students
  • Musicals – both Jr. & Sr. High School
  • Senior Events – banquet, spring concert recognition, senior night band recognition
  • Scholarships – given to one senior every year
  • Band Shells – acoustic shells used during concerts at the SHS
  • Band Truck - used by the Marching Band to attend away events
  • Gator – used to transport equipment for the Marching Band on the field
  • Concession stand equipment needed for fundraising
  • Orchestra Exchange – Unique way for the orchestra to meet and play with students from another school
  • Tamaqua Band Festival
  • Barrage & Mark Wood Concerts – master classes and opportunities to perform with expert musicians 
  • Exeter Memorial Day Parade
  • Reading Holiday Parade

Our Current Work

The EMA is involved in fundraising activities for the band program, taking photos and videos at Exeter music events, assisting the band directors during marching season, issuing uniforms, and providing assistance as needed.  If you would like to get involved in the very rewarding job of following your child's musical education, there is a lot of room for help in the various committees of the EMA!

How can you help?

Sign up for our emailing list by filling out the form at Join the EMA Email List. This will enable us to keep you you apprised of current news and events in our district.