Exeter Music Association Boosters Club

Officers and Committee Leads

2019-20 School Year

President:  Tracy

Vice President:  Jillian Bolter

Treasurer:  Jamie Marturano & Missy McKelvey

Secretary:  Jill Mastandrea

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Committee Leads

Brenda Bausher (chair)     fundraising@exetermusicassociation.com  

Merchandise (Spirit Wear): 
Sue Stankiewicz (co-chair)   merchandise@exetermusicassociation.com
Concessions Committee :   
Michele Datko (chair)    concessions@exetermusicassociation.com

Band Camp
Michele Datko (chair)     band.camp@exetermusicassociation.com


Jim Shunk (chair)      ema_photos@googlegroups.com
Website and Facebook:  
Christy D'Angelo (chair)     website@exetermusicassociation.com

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