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Check Order Status

Use the spreadsheet below to check that status of your gift card order. We will try to update this a few times a week, and always on Monday nights/Tuesday mornings, for those people picking up orders from the SHS Auditorium.

  • Received: Your order has been received.  You order may stay in this status for a few days, till your check is deposited.
  • Deposited:  The check for your order has been deposited. It will stay in this state for a few days, till the check clears. Once the check clears, we will purchase the cards from Scott's and update the order status.
  • Ready : Your order is ready. If you chose to have your student pick up the cards, they are ready to be picked up from Miss Potlunas (SHS) / Mrs. Crotty (JHS)
  • Complete:  Your order has been picked up.   
If you cannot find your student's name on the spreadsheet, it means that we have not received your order yet.  We are only checking the drop boxes a few times per week.  Your order may still be in the drop box at school or in your students backpack/locker. Please be patient, we are all volunteers with other commitments. We will try to get your order back to you as soon possible.