Join the EMA SMS List

The EMA is using to manage our SMS / Text message group broadcasting list.  The site was developed for teachers to communicate with their class parents (so most of the terms are classroom/student related). We contacted them about using it for communications with our EMA parents and they were happy to have us use the site too.

We will use this list to keep parents/guardians notified about upcoming events, just like we use our email list.  We understand that some people prefer to get information via a text message on their phone rather than logging into a computer to check email.  We won't ever send a long message. If we need to share a lot of information with you, we will send a short text message with a link to our web site, where the full text can be viewed.

To JOIN the list,  send an SMS / Text Message to the number
with the message 

To LEAVE the list,  send an SMS / Text Message to the number
with the message 
@LEAVE @ematm

  • If your cell phone plan charges for incoming text messages, you will be charged by your cell phone service provider for each message received.  
  • The number 81010 is the SMS Code assigned to is kind of like a cell phone number for web sites.
  • The message @ematm is the name of the class/list the EMA is using for this SMS broadcast group.
  • With
    • We can't see your phone number
    • You can't see our phone number
    • One-way announcements
    • You can install the app on your tablet/desktop to receive messages on those devices too
    • Find out more at