Junior High Fall Musical - Alice in Wonderland, Jr

Congratulations to the cast of Alice in Wonderland, Jr. Please check Exeter Music Association for a calendar and accept the group invitation from Schoology. We wish we could have accepted everyone into the cast but we are limited on wing/stage space. If you would like to still be involved, we would like to help find a way to be involved whether it be ushering, set design, set painting, costuming, stage crew, lighting, and sound.

Alice - Kyla McMonagle

White Rabbit - Jeremy Weaver

Tweedle Dee - Nate Morgan

Tweedle Dum - Ian Lubenow

Caterpillar - Kay Painter

Queen of Hearts- Alexa Hyman

Cheshire Cat - Julia Weaver

King - Steven Kline

Dodo Bird - Serenity Zawilla

Mad Hatter - Collin Warner

March Hare - Ashton Lewars

Rose - Jessica Nugent

Violet - Kira Marr

Peony - McKenna

Petunia - Makayla Ott

Daisy - Samantha

Lily - Grace Moore

Mathilda - Olivia Humphries

Door Knob - Ash Amato

Door Mouse - Kayla Kulp


Rock Lobsters (also Cards)

Angie Bieber

Felicia Hummel

Alana Campbell

Regina Ramirez-Sastre


Royal Cardsmen (also Ocean creatures)

Ace of Spades - Ryan Menet

Two of Clubs -  Maura Jones

Three of Diamonds - Courtney Bolter

Four - Logan Paperella


Ensemble (Creatures, Cards, Extras)

Michaela Smith

Julianna Henrie

Lena Brown

Julia Wentling

Brooklyn Noecker

Gwynne Geedey

If you are a cast member and need to contact the director, please email Mrs. Malanios at theatremom1215@gmail.com


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