Lion King, Jr. Costumes

About Costumes

Finding and making costumes is a fun and creative part of being involved in theater.  When possible, cast members are included in finding costume pieces.  This gives them an opportunity to add their personality.  This is also how costuming works in most school and community theater productions - everyone helps. 

Here is the information for costuming for Disney's The Lion King, Jr.. I cannot be most excited about this production. The kids are working very hard and everything is coming together in a way that I could not be more thrilled about.

I will break it down by character and group.

ALL cast members will need a pair of either jazz shoes or a sock with grip bottom in a color that will coordinate with their costume (black, brown, grey) In a perfect world, I would love for the kids to be barefoot but that simply is not safe on the stage.

Most of the cast members will need a unitard and a pair of harem type pants. I will post links to examples at the bottom. This is just an example. If you happen to find something cheaper elsewhere in the color requested, please feel free to fill the rest of us in :). The harem pants I would like to be in a tribal print of some kind. I am using the pants because i have been a middle school student before and would not have wanted to be traipsing around on stage in a unitard in front of my peers. That Being said…..I am not opposed to a body suit in the color requested with the pants.

LIONESSES- BROWN  there will be things made to go along with their costumes. Neck pieces etc











******The Hyenas are a bit different******

I would like the hyenas in dark grey sweats and a dark grey hoodie. Please not super baggy.

These are the foundations of the costumes.

Costumes will be needed by NOV 3. There are other pieces that need to be placed on these foundations.

That being said, this is my call out to anyone crafty or with any sewing ability. Please let me know if you are able to help make our Circle of Life come to life in making some of the extras that will go onto the costumes to make the kids look as amazing as I know that they can be .

Please stop in at rehearsal or shoot me an email if you are able and willing to help.



We will have a costume parade for you to show us what you have found, probably the first week of November.  This will give time for the costume committee to add and change pieces before full dress rehearsals begin.  If we tell you that something you have found isn't going to work, don't take it personally.  We look at the big picture so something that looks great on you alone may not work when the whole cast is together.


Contact Information for Questions

Costume Committee 
We love help.  No sewing experience necessary - just creativity and flexibility.
We are looking for someone to head up this committee. Please contact Mrs. Malanois if you are willing to serve!

                Best Places to Go for Costume Supplies

Rarely is it necessary for a cast member to buy something brand new for a show.  Try to find something in your closet, from a family member or friend or look for something used.   Theater costumes shouldn't be expensive. 

Thrift Stores

Goodwill 600 E Lancaster Ave Shillington  
Goodwill 324 E Penn Ave Robesonia
The Goodwill shop in Ephrata (on 272 on the East side of town) has an incredible selection of Halloween right now including a great collection of gowns.  The address is 1166 S State St, Ephrata Township, PA 17522.  I hear Goodwill in Honeybrook is also good.
Salvation Army 301 S 5th Street Reading (Near Walmart on 5th) - very large, but closed Sundays

Goodwill Outlet and Clearance Center (in Exeter)
3001 St Lawrence Avenue, Reading (near Aldi's shopping area/post office)
This outlet center has nothing on hangers.  You dig through bins and pay for all clothing by the pound. 

They also have shoes ($2 a pair)..  Stock rotates - if it was there one day, it will not be there when you come back since things are disposed of a few times a day.  Great deals - a little hit or miss.  For gowns, feel for satin as you are digging.