Scott's Car Wash Fundraiser

It is that time of year...Spring Cleaning is here...Time to bring your cars in for a good wash.


The Exeter Music Association (EMA) is excited to bring back this fundraising opportunity: $10, $25, and $50 Scott's Wash and Lube Gift Cards.


Students will earn 30% of their total sales. This will go directly into their EMA Student Accounts.  For example, if your student sells five $10 cards, two $25 cards, and $50 card, for a total $150, your student will receive $45 in their EMA Student Account. This is a great way to earn money that can be used for the SHS 2019 Disney Trip. This fundraiser is open to all JHS & SHS students.


These are normal gift cards to be used just like cash at the Exeter Scott's Car Wash and Lube. You can use them for a car wash, oil changes, or detailing.  They also make a nice gift for that friend/neighbor that you want to say Thank you to.  The nice thing about selling these gift cards is the buyer is purchasing a gift card to a place they will likely spend the same money on in the near future.  


Here is how it works: each student wishing to participate will receive an EMA Gift Card Fundraising Order Form that your student will use to keep track of sales – do not turn in this form.  You turn in the money collected along with the EMA Order Form on the last page of this handout.  At the end of the sale, we will have your gift cards.    


You have two options to receive your cards after the order is processed. Please use the checkbox on the order form to let us know your preference:

  • You can have your student pick up the order. (SHS students should see Mrs. Selke and JHS students should see Mrs. Crotty)
  • You can contact Hank Narvaez at the e-mail listed below to make special arrangements for pick up.


The sale runs through the whole month of March 2019. Orders will be fulfilled by mid-April.  



  • Only orders with full payments will be processed.
  • If you are planning to send in your order with your student, you must pay with a single check or money order – do not send in cash, we cannot stress this enough.  
  • Only one check/money order per order, made out to the Exeter Music Association.
  • The gift cards never expire and there are no fees for non-use.
  • Cards are good only at the Exeter location.
  • Please make sure that you have your order in before the deadline:  Monday, April 1, 2019.  
  • If you need additional copies of the EMA Gift Card Fundraising Order Form,  please contact Hank Narvaez at 
  • Order forms can also be found in the files at the bottom of this page!


All questions and/or comments can be directed to Hank Narvaez at



Tracy Rudolph,
Mar 19, 2019, 2:31 PM