2020 Senior High Spring Musical - MAMMA MIA!

Updated Monday, April 6, 2020              

4:00 PM

Update on our Facbook post idea - some of you are getting through, but others aren't.  A suggestion - don't use your Chromebook to open it.  The link might be blocked.  

OR use the Bio form that's attached below.  Print it out and then scan it or take a picture of it.  Or just answer the questions in an email and send that to me.

Instructions on how to send it to me are on the paper.   

Thanks for helping to make this happen!

Hope you are all staying well and safe.                                           Please be sure to follow the suggested guidelines so you don't catch OR SPREAD any germs!

>>>Please check "AN IDEA" below .<<<

Obviously, we don't have any news since school is not in session.  

But, IF YOU HAVE A SCRIPT - DO NOT THROW IT AWAY.  Music Theatre Internationl (MTI), where we get our scripts, is in constant contact with us.         We don't have to return anything yet - but we WILL need to at some point.                                   Script replacement cost is $25.  Please keep yours in a safe place until we regroup.

Miss you all!  Stay well!



I hope you and your family are all doing well!  And that you’re adjusting to the changes in our daily life.  This, too, shall pass… 

In the meantime, an idea while we’re apart…

Our audiences didn’t get the opportunities to see you more than once.  So a thought for them to see you in a different way!

I’d like to feature each of our cast/crew/orchestra members on our EHS Theatre Facebook page.  I know you all may not use Facebook much.  But it IS used a lot in the Exeter Community.  Especially now.  So I’d love to put smiles on our neighbors’ faces by telling them about each of you. 

The plan is to start with seniors and speaking parts – post your headshot and your bio from the program.  (Because your bios are already written.) Then move on to the rest of the cast/crew/orchestra members.

Cast/crew/orchestra members – I obviously need bios from you.  To make it easy, I created a Google Sheet for you to complete the same info.

Crew/orchestra members – You’ll need to add your name and complete the form.  Also, I don’t have photos of you.  So if you’d like to be a part of this, please send a clear photo of yourself either through the Remind text app or email at exeterspringmusical@gmail.com (Remember – your school email won’t come through to this, so please email from a different account.)


EVERYONEPlease check the Google Sheet for your name and the column labeled “OK TO POST?”  I want your “Yes” or “No” before posting.  Please take the time to do that.

And I proofread the list – but if I’ve missed your name, my apologies.  Please add it.

Here’s the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10hE93glaBaEjsBUvymMxHfUzRXy4EtlY4QZZkHnjx50/edit?usp=sharing


Thank you in advance for those of you who are willing to be a part of this!


Questions or concerns - email Mrs. Galtere at exeterspringmusical@gmail.com

Please note - emails from your school account do not go through.                    You'll need to use another account for Mrs. Galtere to receive it. 




Clearances are valid for 5 years.

 Once you have completed all of the forms and have received copies of your clearances, please turn them into the Senior High Office. Thank you!


See the F.A.Q.s for more information about the music programs in the Exeter School District
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