About Costumes

The philosophy of the costume committee is that cast members should help to design and find costume pieces for this show.  This is the way it usually works in school or community theater - everyone does their part.  Also, you get to help create your character by the way you look on stage 

We will have a costume parade for you to show us what you have found.  We will give you feedback and we try to make sure that the whole cast paints a picture on the stage.  Outfits sometimes need to be adjusted once we see everyone together. 

We don't have a date yet for you, but the goal is for ALL costumes to be COMPLETELY finished 2 weeks before the show.  That includes shoes, accessories, everything.  If you are having trouble, let us know before that date as much as possible.  

Some costumes will be rented and we won't have them until much closer to show date.  Even if your costume is being rented, you will need shoes and socks that are appropriate.

Contact Information for Questions

Join the Costume Committee

You don't need to know how to sew to help us - some of our work is just helping cast select costumes and measuring when alterations need to be made.    We can also help you learn to do simple sewing if you would like to learn - everything looks great from the audience so we just need lots of hands.  
Contact:  Lisa Wilder   econsgr8'AT'

Some hints

- Don't bring valuables to the theater.  Dressing rooms get crazy and we don't want anything valuable to be lost.  Unfortunately, it has happened.
- Make sure your name is taped on EVERYTHING you have for your costume including inside both shoes. 
- WHEN it's time to bring pieces to the auditorium (not yet!), bring a hanger and a grocery bag for keeping shoes and small pieces.

                Best Places to Go for Costume Supplies

Raid closets - yours, your parents (with permission), grandparents, etc.  

Thrift Stores
Goodwill 600 E Lancaster Ave Shillington  
Goodwill 324 E Penn Ave Robesonia
I hear Goodwill in Honeybrook/rural areas are also excellent for this type of thing.

Goodwill Outlet and Clearance Center (in Exeter)
3001 St Lawrence Avenue, Reading (near Aldi's shopping area/post office)
This outlet center has nothing on hangers.  You dig through bins and pay for all clothing by the pound.  Feel for the right kinds of fabric - satin for blouses, long skirts, etc.

They also have shoes ($2 a pair) and purses and other accessories (by the pound).  Stock rotates - if it was there one day, it will not be there when you come back since things are disposed of a few times a day.  Great deals - a little hit or miss.  

Take a Look

The below PowerPoint gives directions for the ensemble.  Most will have two looks - your townsfolk outfit and your dressy outfit for the ball.  Men, you may be able to use the same pants and shoes for both looks

We have some costume pieces in the auditorium.  When you are not busy, come and let us know what you are looking for or take a look.  Write your name in pieces you want and set them aside.

Those with speaking parts, your formal wear outfits will be rented.  You will still need shoes and socks.  You can help to assemble the outfits for other scenes (lounging clothes, robes, etc)