Our goal is to have everything done 2 weeks before the show opens -- Friday, April 15, 2016.

Committee : Sets
Committee Lead : Tracy Rudolph; Bill Rudolph 
                               Frank Wilder
Schedule : Mondays (6:30-7), Tuesday & Thursday (after 8), Most Wednesday, All Saturday mornings.
Committee Goals/Philosophy:
  • Safety: Sets pieces need to be safe -- add hand rails when needed and over-build rather than under-build when weight/stress is a concern. Use protection eye ware with power tools. Keep hands/fingers away from blades, ...  
  • Do your best, but remember that we are not looking to be perfect -- the audience is at least 50' away. 
  • Try to reuse set pieces from previous shows
  • Reuse wood/parts when possible
  • Use screws when possible -- sets are usually dis-assembled after the show. Glue & nails make taking set pieces apart more difficult.  
  • Have fun working together to build the show sets. Do things that are out of your comfort zone. It is a good chance to learn something new.
We are always looking for help to get the sets completed. Saturday mornings are usually our busiest days, but you may be able to find someone from the committee and the High School stage crew pretty much any time the theater is open for practice. (look for us in the work area off of stage left).  
There are a variety of tasks to be completed: building items out of wood, cardboard,..., painting, ...   We have some photos and drawings on the bulletin board in the work area, including a printed copy of the "to do" list.

If you are planning to come in to help, you may want to bring:
  • a cordless drill with a bit driver (we use a lot screws to assemble items)
  • paint brushes:  We do have some paint brushes, but they are the cheaper kind and are not always in the best shape.  If you are doing some detail type painting and you have some nicer paint brushes, you may want to bring your own.
  • box cutter: for cutting cardboard.

As of Feb 1, we are looking for some special items:
  • paint : In the past, we have found some stores are willing to give us their "returned" paint for free. The True Value Hardware Store in Fleetwood and the Ace Hardware in Douglasville have been very generous for past shows.  Also, if you have partially used cans of paint at home that you do not want anymore, please bring them in: we may be able to use it.
  • artist: we have some signs to make and some "detail" type painting. It would be great to have some individuals with artistic talent to help out. One idea that has been floating around: make some digital images on a computer and use a projector to trace the image onto the surface to be painted.  We could use some help making these digital images.

Our Task List

This list is dynamic: it will grow/shrink/change as we get closer to the show opening, due to the fact that we may need to make changes as we work through practices. Some things may work while others may not, and may need to make changes.

We will try to update this list a few times a week. There will also be a printed copy on the bulletin board in the shop area along with some photos of set ideas.

(Note: the spreadsheet has too many columns to display all at once, use the scroll bar at the bottom of the spreadsheet to view other columns)


Set Ideas