Footloose Costumes

About Costumes

The philosophy of the costume committee is that cast members should help to design and find costume pieces for this 1980's show.  

We will have a costume parade for you to show us what you have found, probably on MARCH 22.  If you are having trouble, let us know before that date as much as possible.  Our goal is to be completely finished 2 weeks before the show opens - March 28.

Unusual costumes - waiter/waitress, policeman, Cowboy Bob's  band, etc., are our responsibility.  We will let you know more about these.

We have prepared 4 Power Point presentations with pictures - some pictures from the actual 1980's and some pictures from other productions of Footloose.  

The 80's were fun and we hope you'll check out some great teen movies from the 1980's to get some ideas.  Some suggested titles are in the Power Points and ask your parents for ideas.  It will help you get in the mood for the show.  

Contact Information for Questions

Costume Committee:  Lisa Wilder, Diane Dungan, Linda Betchel
Contact:  Lisa Wilder   econsgr8'AT'

Some hints

- Teens.  In general, you are in brightly dressed outfits.  It's a fun show and your outfits help to make it fun.  Check out the PowerPoint for how layers were worn, the general dress style.  
                    Girls, we aren't really going for Flashdance/Madonna here - we are looking for a classic style instead. Your hair will be styled as a part of your costume.  Think big hair, big earrings. 

                    Guys, you'll have one of three looks described in the Power Point.  If you aren't specifically a friend of Willard or Chuck, then look for the standard 'preppy' look. Or a few "farmer" types - plaid shirts and jeans.   If all else fails, guys and  girls, wear a polo shirt with the collar up tucked into jeans (higher waist than you usually wear) and white sneakers.   
                    You will only need dress shoes for the final dance scene - described below.  Sneakers (jogging style or high tops) were normal wear.  Guys wore 'boat shoes' too.  Some can wear cowboy boots too. 

- Adult women.  Have fun with this.  Women were just making it in the business world in the 1980's so power-dressing was a way of life.  Coordinated outfits with purses and jewelry (colorful beads, fake pearls, etc).  Pants suits were also common - coordinated outfits with top matching bottom.  Skirts were about mid-knee length so nothing at all above the knee.  Wear character shoes or low heels with skirts.  Either low heels or flats with pants suits.  You'll also need a black outfit described in the Power Point.

Adult Women Power Point Show

- Adult men.  Conservative attire.  Black, brown, blue slacks and button down shirts were usual.  Men also wore turtleneck shirts tucked into slacks.  Shoes can be dress shoes or maybe sneakers.  (Coach - sneakers of course).

Leads Power Point - Includes Shaw, coach, principal, etc

- Additional Information for Leads.  For those with separate lines, there are a few additional specific instructions.  They are available in the Leads Power Point above.  

- The Dance Scene.  -  I've gotten some great suggestions/questions about prom dresses for our closing number.   Some folks have started to look at dresses to purchase.  We will be borrowing some, so don't feel you need to rush out and buy anything.  But those who are - Before you buy - check out the Pinterest link for dress types and view the Power Point for pictures.  There are specific styles of dresses that were worn.  Also, there is a prom dress fair for inexpensive dresses and the info is provided below.  

Guys, you will be wearing tuxes.  We will borrow from the band and fit people who don't already have one.  If you can find a pastel suit/tux or white jacket, all the better.  Prom tuxes in the 80's were actually very colorful - white, light blue, etc.  This will be hard to find so black ones from the band will be fine.  Images for the dance scene are in the teen girls files.

Pinterest Prom Dresses Link

Prom Dress Fair Info

                Best Places to Go for Costume Supplies

Ask your parents - many of them lived it!

Thrift Stores
Goodwill 600 E Lancaster Ave Shillington  
Goodwill 324 E Penn Ave Robesonia
I hear Goodwill in Honeybrook/rural areas are also excellent for this type of thing.
Salvation Army 301 S 5th Street Reading (Near Walmart on 5th) - very large, but closed Sundays

Goodwill Outlet and Clearance Center (in Exeter)
3001 St Lawrence Avenue, Reading (near Aldi's shopping area/post office)
This outlet center has nothing on hangers.  You dig through bins and pay for all clothing by the pound. 

They also have shoes ($2 a pair) and purses and other accessories (by the pound).  Stock rotates - if it was there one day, it will not be there when you come back since things are disposed of a few times a day.  Great deals - a little hit or miss.  For gowns, feel for satin as you are digging.

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