Footloose Props

Please send in any props as soon as possible.   We will be doing an inventory on the props this Saturday (3/22).  Cast members will start using them during rehearsals next week.  

Here is a partial list of items that we are looking for:
  • purses (5) 
  • matching non-breakable glasses 
  • bed pillows 
  • gavel
  • black ski masks and gloves
  • box fans

To see the complete list, check out our SignUpGenius Prop Page.

We are also looking for 42 corsages for the girls to wear during the finale/prom scene.  They should be whites, pinks and yellows.  They do not have to all be the same style.  Please email for more information. (So far we have about 15 ready to go!)

If you do have props to donate or lend, they can be brought to any scheduled rehearsal.  There is a large bin located in the workshop backstage.  Please make sure to label your items if you would like them to be returned.  If you have any questions, please send an email to