• Chorus does not have a uniform, but the Concert Choir does. Contact Mrs. Combs for more information.

Marching Band:

  • Uniforms are handed out during Band Camp to Marching Band members.
  • The uniform consists of a black tuxedo jacket, pants, a white or black shirt.  Parkas are also given out to be worn during inclement weather.  Bow ties and cummerbunds are handed out before each event and returned at the end of the event.    
  • All uniforms must be dry cleaned before being returned.
  • Each band member will need to purchase dress shoes from the band as part of the uniform.
  • Black socks (provided by each student) must be worn with marching band uniforms. 
  • The band has a uniform trade-in event each year during Band Camp. Students will have the opportunity to exchange uniforms that do not fit for ones that do fit.
  • New students will be sized for a uniform during the Marching Band Camp (in August).  
  • Suggestion: wear a short sleeve t-shirt under the tuxedo shirt to help keep stains to a minimum.
  • Suggestion: put the student's name on a piece of duct tape and place the tape on the inside of the jacket and parka, where it cannot be seen while they are wearing it. The students tend to take off their coats and lay them all in a pile. This will make it easier for them to find the right one when it is time to put it back on.
  • White T-shirt: During the past few years, there has a been an official Marching Band t-shirt.  
    • Mrs. Selke will hand them out to the freshman and new band members before the Parent Preview in the fall.  These shirts are provided through the EMA.
    • Upper classman can order replacements. See Mrs. Selke during the first week of Band Camp. The replacement shirts cost $5 each.
  • Color Guard:
    • Members purchase their own body suits, gloves, shoes, and pants.  Tunics are provided.
    • Mrs. Mills will give provide information.


  • Orchestra students are not provided with uniforms.  See Mr. Albrycht for more information.